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Learning Experience #2

This week my LC was tasked with creating a learning experience for our peers centered around chapter seven in Daniel Koretz book, The Testing Charade: Pretending To Make Schools Better, entitled Test Prep. To understand why Koretzs outlook on test preparation is so informative is because he has devoted a lot of his career toContinue reading “Learning Experience #2”

Service Experience #2

What are the strengths and limitations of virtual engagement? What surprises you? This engagement was very strong. I thought it had a very good turnout and my students in my room remained engaged with ample participation! This really surprised me because I thought the students would be more shy. How are your life experiences similarContinue reading “Service Experience #2”

Current Connection #1

This week I was tasked with finding a current connection for the reading, “My Pedagogic Creed” by John Dewey. This reading was a set of “I believe” statements by John Dewey, also known as the father of progressive education, about the topic of education. I chose to focus my connection on one of the manyContinue reading “Current Connection #1”

Service Experience #1

What struck you or stayed with you today? This meeting revolved around learning about the service and how we are going to operate the service when the students are there. This made me very excited actually start the service. How are your life experiences similar and different from others in this situation? I can notContinue reading “Service Experience #1”

Learning Experience #1

Learning Experience #1  My learning groups learning experience was based around an article by Edward Janak, the article is entitled “Education In The Progressive Period”. This article starts out by expressing how people wrongly identify themselves as progressive educators in education when they are not, because they do not understand what it actually means toContinue reading “Learning Experience #1”


What name do you prefer to be called? Do you have preferred pronouns? I prefer to be called Joni! and my pronouns are she, her, and hers! 2. Hometown and photograph of you (inserted in your blog so we can connect you with your name). I am from Brook Park, Ohio! 3. Grade level andContinue reading “WebPost1: CLASS SURVEY”

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